Learn and Play Preschool

Program Philosophy
- Our job at Learn and Play Preschool is to provide a safe, fun and stimulating atmosphere where your child can 'learn and play' by interacting with their surroundings, friends, teachers and the provided learning environment. By providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum for cognitive, emotional and physical growth (through a structured program) your child will be able to expand their awareness of both themselves and the world around them.

Nutrition Philosophy - At Learn and Play Preschool, high-quality nutrition is very important to us! Nutrition is what we teach our students. We teach them the components of a healthy, balanced meal, serving sizes, to identify (limit or avoid) unhealthy foods, and to know the difference between processed foods and whole foods. For snacks, we serve organic and natural foods only: whole grains, nuts, seeds, lots of fresh fruits and veggies. The children are offered a wide variety of healthy foods and are encouraged to try foods that may be new to them. Many parents are pleasantly surprised at the foods their child eats at our preschool!

Discipline Philosophy - By definition, to discipline is to teach. We believe in demonstrating good behavior through role-modeling and helping children to express and communicate their needs both with peers and adults. We believe children learn most readily when they have clear, consistent and reasonable limits set and enforced. We always make sure that a child has a clear understanding of what is, or is not, expected appropriate behavior. A teacher will always help a child to work through situations where they are having difficulty and teach them effective 'tools' to successfully communicate and get along with their peers. As teachers, we believe in 'planting seeds' of good behavior; to set your child up to succeed, to make good choices, to correct bad choices and re-address them, if necessary, and to always encourage them to be a 'super kid'.

As time goes on, a child will become increasingly capable of exhibiting positive expression and conflict resolution on their own. Good choices are most often met with verbal praise and ‘high-fives’ for a job well done! ‘Love And Logic Parenting' philosophy is widely used in our discipline approach, as well. We are highly skilled at working together with parents to help you effectively address a variety of challenging childhood behaviors.

Staff Philosophy - Throughout your child's entire educational experience, no matter how great the school your child attends, we believe that your child's classroom experience will never be any better than your child's teacher!

Therefore, at Learn and Play Preschool you will find your child's teacher(s) to be: experienced, knowledgeable, kind, fun, personable, helpful, communicative, approachable, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching your child.  We have every confidence that you and your child will love your Learn and Play Preschool teachers!