Learn and Play Preschool

Handwriting Without Tears© (HWT) – A printing and cursive curricula, HWT readiness curriculum includes three complete programs: Readiness & Writing teaches foundation skills, Language & Literacy uses hands-on strategies to make lessons come alive and math concepts are fun for children in the Numbers & Math portion.  HWT has been adopted by the Texas State Board of Education, meets TEKS standards for Language Arts and is currently being used in RRISD elementary schools.

Ready Bodies, Learning Minds© (RBLM) - Is a comprehensive approach to understanding how sensory integration and motor control drives learning, and therefore the performance, of our children.

RBLM provides children with a strong foundation of the basic knowledge and use of their bodies. As they grow and develop, certain skills will need to become automatic. If their reflexive system is developed, then as babies, crawling and walking will become automatic. If their vestibular system is developed, then equilibrium while sitting in a chair becomes automatic. If their proprioceptive and tactile systems are developed, then the ability to control the movements of their hand and a pencil becomes automatic. If their visual and auditory systems are developed, the information they see and hear can be used automatically to successfully develop higher level skills.

If for some reason a reflexive pattern lingers beyond the accepted time, it begins to interfere with a child's ability to develop an appropriate foundation for stability and mobility. While a child will continue to learn, they will unfortunately build their knowledge of movement on a faulty and adaptive pattern of stability. As a child matures and learns more complex skills, this faulty and adaptive pattern may not provide him/her with the foundation he/she needs to be successful.

At Learn and Play Preschool, we are able to recognize and help a child who has not mastered or has difficulty performing certain movements or processing certain stimuli. For example: a child dislikes or is uncomfortable with swinging, does not like being upside down, does not engage their core to pull up their legs, does not use both feet to forcefully jump forward/up, does not use alternating feet to descend stairs, does not hyper-extend the arms and bear weight without bending the elbow(s) or turning the neck, hangs on to objects for balance,  (*vestibular input effects equilibrium), can run but stumbles or falls when they start to pick up speed, or has difficulty holding eye contact (on a fixed object) when they are in motion.

Our RBLM motor lab will assist children with successfully developing all of their systems and (if present) correct faulty and adaptive patterns to close the brain-body gap, consequently increasing their ability to learn and be more successful in the classroom!

Whole-Child Focus - Learn and Play Preschool focuses on preparing your child to succeed and flourish in the kindergarten classroom and beyond! While we do teach a wide variety of core curricula, we also know that it is equally important for your child to possess positive character traits and desirable behavior patterns that help them to succeed socially and academically.
The process of learned independence is stressed at Learn and Play Preschool. We believe that the building of a child’s self-esteem is brought forth through meaningful accomplishments, responsibility and a 'can do' attitude.

We aim to teach our students the importance of being kind and helpful to others, to be polite, to ask for permission, to listen to others, to make good choices, to understand the natural consequences of both the 'good' and 'bad' choices they make, to accept responsibility, to correct a mistake, to take turns, to be patient, to follow instructions, to work independently and in a group setting, to help clean up, to follow school rules, to be safe, to use their words (not their hands), to be assertive and effectively stand up for themselves and to always try their best. Every child at Learn and Play Preschool knows that their teacher is always available to help, support and encourage them to be the very best person they can!

We strongly believe that these are essential skills needed for the kindergarten classroom and a successful school experience!