Learn and Play Preschool


M.G. - Child enrolled for two years

I had the privilege of being the DFPS Licensing rep for Learn and Play Preschool for two and  a half years when I worked at Childcare Licensing. I observed Deanna with the children, how she ran her school above Minimum Standards and her passion for teaching. I loved working with her and her philosophy so much, I decided to move my own child into her program (even though it was in the opposite direction of my employer at that time).  My child had several behavioral issues when he started, but blossomed at Learn and Play Preschool! He learned to use the "tools" needed for (proper) social and emotional communication with others, he built a strong physical core, and is beyond prepared to start Kindergarten. I recommend everyone to Deanna; be it for child care or advice about childhood behavior. I also recommend her to other child care providers when they need help or advice about the child care business. She is truly a blessing to every child and family who knows her!

B.A - Family with children enrolled for 5+ years
We have been so happy attending Learn and Play Preschool these past three years! Our son has progressed leaps and bounds in his vocabulary, imagination, and social skills. Not to mention he learned how to swim! He has grown so much mentally, physically, and emotionally in the past year; I only wish I could have started him sooner! The daily bulletins posted at the door let parents know about that days activities and it is amazing everything these little guys do in one day! The art cart has all the master pieces they work on and we take home to frame.  :o)  Miss Deanna is always welcoming and supportive and has such a positive and fun approach to learning and solving problems. She serves the children nutritious and healthy foods and teaches them about proper nutrition and food choices. Miss Deanna takes the time to talk with you about your concerns and challenges. . . this is why her program is so amazing! She gladly shares her ideas and experience to help us in any way she can.  We now have our daughter enrolled as well. We can't say enough about Miss Deanna and Miss Katja, how grateful we are for Learn and Play Preschool and the difference it makes in the lives of all the children in the program.   

L.A. - Former Co-Teacher at Learn and Play Preschool                                          

I work with 'school-aged' children on a daily basis; I am a RRISD teacher. When I was given the opportunity to work at Learn and Play Preschool this past summer, I didn’t know quite what to expect. I had an amazing experience! Miss Deanna, owner and director of Learn and Play Preschool, is an incredible teacher. She has created a very loving, fun, nurturing, and safe learning environment for the children. Organized and structured, Deanna meets the needs of all of her students and has an outstanding rapport with all of the families. Miss Deanna is always continuing her education and implementing new and innovative ideas into her school curriculum. She incorporates outstanding programs like Handwriting Without Tears and Ready Bodies Learning Minds motor lab activities, as well as curriculum that sets her students up for success and makes them thrive. I believe Learn and Play Preschool speaks for itself as I witnessed children showing up smiling, excited and eager to come to school each morning and regretting leaving in the afternoon. I would highly recommend this preschool to interested families and would love the opportunity to work with Deanna and her students again next summer!

D.F. - Family with children enrolled for 7 years
Our boys went to Learn and Play Preschool for four years and we just loved it! This was the most important factor, in my opinion, and we always knew that they were safe and happy there. Our boys did not speak any English when they started attending, but they were fluent and very prepared for kindergarten in the end! In addition to correctly learning English, they also learned effective social skills, made new friends, tried new foods, learned a lot of new games and a lot about animals. They both gained computer skills, learned how to swim, how to self-dress, how to swing by themselves, and many other academic and motor skills. We really LOVE Miss Deanna's approach with the children; she is always smiling, happy, creative, positive, encouraging, and supportive. We highly appreciated Miss Deanna's honesty about everything. She would always tell us exactly what happened, without 'rounding the corners', and had suggestions and effective approaches for correcting (behavioral) issues; this was very helpful and important to us. Miss Deanna has a lot of experience with children of different ages and abilities and is always open to discussing issues and listening to parents concerns. She is open to new ideas, innovations, changes, and is constantly working on improving her preschool program. We now have enrolled our third child to attend for three years until kindergarten starts. Thank you so much Miss Deanna!

G.R. - Child enrolled for 3 years
Choosing the right preschool is a very important and challenging decision. If I could create an ideal preschool experience for all children it would be with Miss Deanna at Learn and Play Preschool. Not only does Miss Deanna care for the development and well being of each and every child, she loves what she does! Her passion for education and nurturing shows everyday in her interactions with the children, parents and siblings. I have witnessed my own children and their schoolmates flourish under her care. She truly sees the gift each child is and seeks to bring out their best. Walking in to Learn and Play Preschool is a joy! To see the children interacting and playing with such comfort, cooperation and confidence warms my heart each morning and afternoon. I only wish we had found her years ago!

R.D. - Child enrolled for 2 years
This is the fourth child care provider/preschool that our 4 1/2 yr old son has attended. The progress that our son has made over the last year (especially in his social and communication skills, which are delayed) is remarkable.  Miss Deanna and Miss Katja have a unique combination of intelligence, skill, creativity, and patience...and always with a smile.  We have full confidence in their ability to make the right decisions guiding our child when we can't be there.  Deanna is also very honest and efficient with her business.  The value of the education and care that our son receives is unmatched.  We can't say enough good things about Learn and Play Preschool!          

M.F. - Child enrolled for 3 years 
Miss Deanna is a great teacher.  She is so good with the kids and has created a safe and happy learning environment.  There is a good mix of activities, learning, art and playtime.  My son has learned so much during his time with her.  We are so happy to have found Learn and Play Preschool! 

K.R. - Child enrolled 2 years
My daughter has been growing so much at Learn and Play Preschool. She participates in awesome activities, is always bringing home great projects and she loves swimming in the summer. Miss Deanna is wonderful. She has a way of teaching discipline in a loving and caring way. Learn and Play Preschool is structured yet fun and the children have a great time learning and playing. I am a single mother, working full time and it is such a relief that my daughter can go to a school that she loves everyday! It truly is like a home away from home.             

A.D. - Family with children enrolled for 4 years
Learn and Play Preschool was a blessing for me and my children! All three of my children attended Learn and Play Preschool for four years. My youngest two children were premature twins requiring a knowledgeable and highly qualified teacher to assist them (along with their  therapists, who worked with them on site at Learn and Play Preschool, for more than two years) to 'catch up' developmentally. With intelligence, eagerness and compassion, Deanna gladly incorporated the prescribed therapies into her classroom routine for my boys.  Our occupational, speech, and physical therapists all thought Miss Deanna and the staff at Learn and Play Preschool were the cream of the crop too! I cannot emphasize enough the huge amount of love, knowledge, dedication, professionalism and care that Miss Deanna and the staff at Learn and Play Preschool provided my family with! We will be forever grateful.